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We're here for the dogs, but we're here to have fun too. So, thank you for stopping by! Come back often and let everyone else know too. We'll try our best to keep it changing and keep it fun!  AND, DON'T FORGET - 100% OF OUR SALES GOES TOWARD HELPING OUR HOUNDS FIND FOREVER HOMES!!

Fast Friends Greyhound Rescue, Inc. is a 501(c)(3), non-profit, award-winning, racing-neutral all-volunteer organization, located in Maryland, that works to find responsible and loving homes for greyhounds.  Although we are based in Maryland, we place greyhounds in the entire Middle Atlantic region.
We love greyhounds. We didn't pick them; they picked us. We all have very different stories about how greyhounds came into our lives, but we have one thing in common - we are all better people because we have been adopted by a greyhound. We all have greyhounds in our homes and we honor them for their quiet, gentle nature and their loving hearts. We have had many experiences in our lives that brought us together and we could bore you for hours about it. However, of all the causes we've taken up, we find the greyhound to be the most honorable.

Fast Friends Greyhound Rescue, Inc. was established in April 2005 and our main goal at that time was to find forever homes for greyhounds. We have since changed our focus to also include finding homes for the "hard to place" dogs (older, infirm, behavior issues, etc.) because we find that many of these dogs make wonderful pets in the right home environment and with the right people who know how special they are. Our work involves educating the public about the breed and ensuring that anyone who adopts a dog from our group understands and accepts the responsibility it takes to have a greyhound. Everything we do is centered around doing what is best for each dog; no amount of work is too hard.
Our store is designed to help us earn extra funds so that we can help more dogs.  The vast majority of the items for sale here are made and/or purchased and DONATED by our dedicated volunteers.  That means that ALL of the funds we earn from our store will directly go to help the hounds.

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